1. Streamlined:  This program is designed for smaller groups and/or situations where a big stage is not available.  The show features wonderful tricks, comedy and amazing effects that mainly happen in the hands of the illusionist or the hands of a spectator helping him.   The message will be tailored to the purpose of the occasion.


2.  Stage Show:  This program features several large illusions and many other astonishing effects.  It works well on a large church platform or auditorium stage.  Minimum stage space required is 8 feet deep by 16 feet wide.

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3. Stage Spectacular:  This program is for a theatrical setting.  There will be many large illusions, the costumes will be fancy, everything will be designed to play in a big way.  The stage must be large.  Ideally there should be a front curtain and backstage area available for use.



      It is not possible to quote prices on a website because travel (distance) and the scale of the show desired affects cost.  Our preference is to give you an inclusive quote.  This means we take responsiblity for our miles, meals and other things.  We agree with you on a set amount that covers everything.  There are no extras or add-ons.

     We are professional.  It is definitely an investment to bring us to your venue.  At the same time, we understand the reality of budgets for events and do our best to work with you.  Our first commitment is serving the Lord.  To meet your needs and be part of your ministry, we will be as flexible as possible.


     The earlier you make contact with us, the better.  Now and then we have unexpected openings in the schedule and can do something on short notice.  Usually, events are arranged from six months to a year or more in advance.


      You can reach Mary Laflin by phone at 406-291-2004.   Email to  We will respond as quickly as possible.