Show Details

Our style

     We believe in “winning the right to be heard.”  The show begins with amazing illusions and fun happenings.  By way of entertainment skills we create a positive and fun atmosphere.  Later in the show we share a message.  Depending on the circumstance and need, it may be a direct gospel challenge, a call to spiritual service or other theme.


Our cast

      Duane Laflin is the featured performer in all of our shows.  He is an internationally awarded Christian illusionist.  Duane is accompanied by his wife, Mary.   Duane and Mary often do shows featuring just the two of them.  However, when doing larger productions, the Laflins typically have several young ladies with them to assist with the programs.

Our needs

We are self-contained and have everything necessary to put on the largest of shows. This includes sound system, backdrops, lights, and props. However, we usually work with what is available in the venue where the presentation takes place.