Now in Branson, Missouri!

      We have recently relocated to Branson, Missouri. This puts us closer to the areas of the USA where most of our work takes place. We can get to you more quickly, and with less cost, than we could when traveling from the far side of South Dakota. Along with the physical aspects of moving, there is also the relational aspect of relocation. We must create awareness of being in a new area. Good contacts have already been made and things are going well.

    Presently, we are working on scheduling Christmas programs on the local level. We are also available from some travel. Originally, the plan was to spend December doing shows in South Dakota. With the change of location and the challenges of winter travel in that region, we decided it would be better to focus on work from this new location.

    Our phone and email are still the same.  (406-291-2004)  (  Our new address is: Duane and Mary Laflin, 390 Dandy Way, Branson, Missouri. 65616