About Duane Laflin


Duane Laflin has a unique combination of skills and abilities. He loves putting on shows, is an expert in the art of the illusionist, and is well grounded in the Scripture. In every program he makes it clear that “God does miracles, I only do tricks!” Audiences marvel at his illusions, but the way he illustrates the gospel is even more amazing.


Duane is an internationally awarded performer. In South Africa he was honored as a guest instructor at the Siegfried and Roy College Of Magic. In Mexico City he received the illusionist award. In Singapore he was honored as a “Star Of Magic.” The prestigious Magic Circle, out of London, England, awarded him as a “Member Of The Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star,” which is the highest honor granted on the basis of merit.

Along with international credits, he was a star performer in the Magic Beyond Belief show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for three years. The show featured tigers and grand illusions. He also starred in Grand Magic at the Grand Majestic theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Grand Magic Show then relocated to the Black Hills Of South Dakota, where it enjoyed great success for six years. Presently, Duane and his wife Mary, are based in Colon, Michigan.



Churches across America, and in many countries around the world, have used Duane’s combination of illusions and truth in ministry. He has worked with megachurches in high profile situations and with small churches out “in the middle of nowhere.”  His performances have been seen at Bible colleges, training conferences and leadership events as well as in outreach situations taking place in a school gymnasium or local meeting hall.



Duane is equally comfortable, and equally effective, working with children, teens, college students and adults. He believes his primary strength is with a family audience. Major Sunday school and children’s pastors conferences have used him as an instructor. Seminaries have brought him in to talk about communication skills to those in pastoral training.

Duane’s showmanship and abilities on stage are sensational, but the important thing is He loves the Lord and is committed to using his skills to share spiritual truth.

Duane’s style is energetic and happy.  He is a grand showman.  His wife Mary often says, “Duane never grew up.”  He relates extremely well to children, yet, by way of his professional credentials, also connects in a strong way with teens and adults.  He loves the Lord, loves his wife and loves his work.  Duane and Mary have been married for many wonderful years.

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If you are looking for a sensational program that honors the Lord and touches hearts…it is the speciality of Duane and Mary Laflin.

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