About Duane Laflin

Duane Laflin is the person who orginated the term “Christian Illusionist.”  As a pioneer in this field, when he began the work of using tricks and illusions to share spiritual truth, he discovered many Christians are uncomfortable with the word “magic.”   To better communicate with fellow believers, he realized the word “illusion” is more approprate than “magic.”  To make it clear he is using a God-given talent for ministry, the term “Christian Illusionist” was adopted.

Over the course of time, Duane’s professional skills developed to a level that led to being honored with numerous awards on an international level. In South Africa he was asked to teach at Siegfried and Roy’s College Of Magic (named after famous Las Vegas performers). In Singapore he was recognized as a Star of Magic. In Mexico City he received the Illusionist award.  The prestigious Magic Circle, located in London, England, has given Duane the highest status a performing magician can receive.  He has been made a Member Of The Inner Magic Circle With Gold Star.


Through all of his career Duane has remained strong in his faith. His recognition and awards have been platforms for giving testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Duane’s style is energetic and happy.  He is a grand showman.  His wife Mary often says, “Duane never grew up.”  He relates extremely well to children, yet, by way of his professional credentials, also connects in a strong way with teens and adults.  He loves the Lord, loves his wife and loves his work.  Duane and Mary have been married for many wonderful years.

Duane and Mary JPEG

If you are looking for a sensational program that honors the Lord and touches hearts…it is the speciality of Duane and Mary Laflin.