If you are looking for an ongoing source of instruction/inspiration please come back to this site often and check out the “Articles” page.

If you are looking for video with lesson presentations, see the Gospel Magic Channel on YouTube. We started it a number of years ago and did not do much with it.  However, now, in 2018, new videos will be posted often.

Just getting started?  We recommend investing in the Art Of Gospel Magic DVD series. Available at   You will find many other books and instruction DVDs at that site as well.

If you are looking for magic tricks to purchase, please go to

Although we have a magic counter in our studio which has a large display of props, books and apparatus, where those who come to our studio events can shop, we do not do mail order/internet sales and we are not otherwise open to the public.  Our son, David Laflin, operates  At that site you will find a large offering of items for use in gospel magic ministry.

Inside the Grand Magic Studio near Branson, Missouri