It is not possible to quote prices on a website because travel (distance) and the scale/size of the show requested affects cost. Our preference is to give you an inclusive quote. This means we take responsiblity for our miles, meals and other things. We agree with you on a set amount that covers everything. There are no extras or add-ons.

We are professional. It is definitely an investment to bring us to your venue. At the same time, we understand the reality of budgets for events and do our best to work with you. Our first commitment is serving the Lord. To meet your needs and be part of your ministry, we will be as flexible as possible.

1. We will do our best to work with your church budget.


2. We are able to adapt to individual circumstance.


3. We have three main types of programs.  These three options help us fit your circumstance and budget.

 First: Duane “In One.”  This is great for small platform situations, banquets, youth groups and Sunday morning children’s programs.

Second: Duane “On Stage.”  This program is designed for a platform at least 8 feet deep and 16 feet wide.  It features larger illusions and tricks that can be seen easily even if the audience is large.

Third: Duane: “The Big Show.”  For this presentation Duane will bring several assistants and his biggest props.  It is ideal for big events, theatrical settings, and outreach occasions.  It can be advertised as a “full-scale ilusion show” because it truly is!



You can reach Mary Laflin by phone at 406-291-2004. Email to We will respond as quickly as possible.