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Whether your need be a large stage production or a presentation for children in a small church, Duane Laflin can adapt his program for your event. His speciality is putting on a “wow factor” kind of show with an extremely clear and powerful spiritual message.  He loves working with chidren, but also connects extremely well with teens and adults.

Types of programs

Big Stage –  If you are looking for a high-powered entertainment oriented outreach program, it is our speciality!

Special Event And Message – For your awards night or other special time we can combine a fun presentation of illusions with a clear message. The message can be evangelistic or one of encouragement for our audience.

Duane In One – Bring Duane in to share with your group a combination of illusions and testimony.


Cost: It is not possible to publish specific fees on this website because every situation is unique. Travel costs, days away from home, the scale of program desired and other things affect what the honorarium will be.  Please contact Duane or Mary Laflin directly and tell them what you have in mind.  They will do their best to work within the limits of your budget.

Calendar: Duane’s calendar often has events scheduled a year or more in advance.  There are usually open spots on the calendar here and there, but it is best to contact him immediately about a date you have in mind.

Length Of Program: The preferred length of program is 30 – 45 minutes, but the timeframe can easily be adapted for shorter or longer needs. (Duane’s theatrical illusion show presentation as an evangelistic outreach is normally 90 minutes.)

Call or email now!  406-291-2004.  Mary Laflin will answer the phone. Duane handles email. You will get a quick response. We will do all we can to make it possible to work with you!