Show Details

We have everything necessary to put on the largest of shows. This includes sound system, backdrops, lights, and all props. However, we usually work with what is available in the venue where the presentation takes place.


We believe in “winning the right to be heard.”  Our performances typically begin with exciting tricks, comedy and audience participation.


We love the Lord and love sharing the gospel.  Our testimony is clear. The biblical challenge is presented in a positive powerful way.

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Basic expectations

For the standard stage program it is necessary to have a clear performing area that is a minimum of 10 feet deep by 16 feet wide. We ask that sound equipment and platform furniture be cleared from this area before we arrive.

We prefer to plug our iPod or laptop into a direct box and use your sound system. However, we can furnish a sound system of our own. If using the church system,  once our player is plugged in and the volume is adjusted at the sound board, a sound technician is not necessary. We are happy to work with available technicians, but it is easy to operate our own sound by ourselves from the stage.

It is ideal to load in and set up 2 hours before our stage show. When doing the largest version of our program we may need to be into the venue 6 hours before the show.

You will find that we are flexible and cooperative. The important thing is communication. We can tailor our programs to fit almost any situation as long as we know ahead of time what it is.

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