Gospel Magic Day – February 17, 2018


Duane and Mary Laflin will host the event. Duane will present two full lectures.  The other lectures will be presented in tag-team teaching style. Duane Laflin, Dr. Chris Beck, Del Wilson,  Kerry Kistler, and John Meyers will take turns sharing tricks and routines.  This teaching style results in the sharing of a large variety of ideas, but also demonstrates different approaches to gospel magic ministry by way of the teachers individual personality and approach to ministry.


Please tell us you are coming.  We want to be sure to have room for everyone and we want to have the proper number of lectures notes prepared. Send us an email at or call/text 406-291-2004.  Just give us your name and say, “I plan to be there!”


10:00 AM – Doors Open

10:30 AM – Welcome and Orientation

10:45 AM – Lecture #1. “Brief History Of Gospel Magic With Spiritual Purpose”  

11:45 AM – Message variations on the card match principle

12:00 Noon – Lunch on site (Or, if you choose, you can go to a local restaurant)

1:00 PM – Lecture #2. “Message Magic For Children’s Ministry

2:00 PM – break

2:15 PM – More message variations on the card match principle

2:30 PM – Lecture #3. “Message Magic For Adult Ministry”

3:15 PM – Break

3:30 PM – Lecture #4. “What Gospel Magicians Need To Know In This 21st Century”

4:30 PM – End of training event.  Magic store open.  Studio open for fellowship and one on one sharing.

7:00 PM – Evening Show (one hour in length)


There is no cost for the event. Everyone comes free.

For lodging, check Branson motels. There are many choices and many price options.  It is almost always possible to find rooms for around $50.00.   If you want to wait until you drive into Branson to look for a motel, it should not be a problem. There are many available rooms. Although the Grand Magic Studio is in Hollister, MO (5 minutes south of Branson), we do not recommend Hollister motels. Their prices are much higher than Branson options. (If you do find a low priced motel in Hollister, the quality will not be good.)   NOTE: We just made a deal with the Dutton Family Inn. If you want to stay there, tell them you are with our event and get a room rate of $39.06 per night for two people! Call toll free 800 942 4626 or email Website is  Nothing fancy, but clean, safe…own and operated by nice people. They are including breakfast with the price!

For food, many local options. Fast food and nice restaurants (Plus grocery stores within a few blocks of the studio). We will be ordering in pizza for lunch. We recommend you plan on joining us for the pizza lunch. It is a great time to make friends, check out the magic counter items, and share ideas.

To find the studio, the address is 162 Industrial Park Drive, Suite F, Hollister, MO 65672.  Normally one or two white vans are parked in front of the main door. The studio is located directly across from the Hollister YMCA.  If traveling on highway 65, take the main Hollister Exit and go east. You will go past Menards and into an area of Industrial buildings. We are about 1/4 mile back in on Industrial drive.

The magic store will be open! Grand Magic Studio has a nice display of magic items. If you are looking for props, books and more, many things will be on display.

Expect quality instruction.  One of the reasons why the Grand Magic Studio exists is to provide quality information and teaching for those in creative ministry. We are committed to excellence.  There is a large stage with good lighting and sound system. We use video projection and Powerpoint/Keynote in teaching.  Our auditorim seats up to 80 people.

The Show

Rather than being a lecture or demonstration, the evening show will be an actual gospel magic program. The public is invited.  It will take place on the studio stage.

The Card Match Principle

The card match principle is well-known among magicians. The basic concept is 12 cards are mixed in a thorough manner. Then, by way of spelling a series of words, all the cards end up matching perfectly. Attendees who do not know the method will have the opportunity to learn it. (During lunch and break times we will teach anyone who needs to learn it.) However, for our Gospel Magic Day, we will not focus on how to do the trick. Rather we will share as many ways as possible to use the trick in ministry.  Be prepared for a large number of message concepts that you can use if you know how to do just this one trick!


The card match principle in action!